Is Qliker The Cheapest Alternative to Clickmagick?

There are very few link tracking services as good as clickmagick but we get it, there are cheaper alternatives which might do the job. Also, it can be handy if you like to have multiple trackers in place. Our first choice is still clickmagick, we’ve been using it for more than 2 years now and can recommend it any day, check out our clickmagick review too.  One ‘cheaper’ clickmagick alternative is taking the internet by storm, it’s called Qliker, a new tracking service, it’s got the bells and whistles. How does it fare against the older and seemingly superior opponent in clickmagick? Let’s find out.

What is Qliker?

Qliker is a new link tracking service, slightly cheaper than clickmagick’s $12 per month and is just as packed when it comes to the features. Link tracking, link rotators (with multiple links in it), split testing, ease of use. It has it all – every tool a marketer needs to track their ongoing campaigns. You can play with pixels, track the number of actions you get while you run traffic to a funnel. It can be good as you can determine how well your funnel is converting. In marketing, it’s easy to get lost, that’s why you need to track everything you do. When you know your numbers, marketing campaigns are a breeze.

What Features Do I get?

  • Accurate link tracking (you can block search engine crawlers/spiders and unwanted clicks from specific regions)
  • Supports custom domains with Qliker (customize your tracking links and make them your own, great for Branding!)
  • Block unwanted traffic from custom IP Addresses – Simple, go to your IP manager, enter the IP address and click on the block button.
  • Advanced Rotators with link cloaking and blank referrers option (so you can mask the referrer where the clicks came from)

Final Verdict

Qliker is a decent alternative to clickmagick, cheaper and is not very short on features either. We have negotiated with them and they have agreed to give Reviews Protocol readers a free account for up to 500 clicks per month! This way, you have nothing to lose and can use qliker for free.

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