A Guide to the Different Types of Beds For Sale


A Guide to the Different Types of Beds For Sale

Bed, the piece of furniture most associated with rest and relaxation. Also called bunk beds, they have beds in one end and a single sitting area in the middle. They can either be flat or have legs that are either straight or turned inward at the knee to give a bed like appearance. For many uses, the word “bed” is used to describe this type of sleeping furniture.

Bed, the bed. One would assume that it has to be made of wood. The bed frame is usually metal, but there are some made of molded plastic as well. Most modern homes have built in bed frames as these are space savers rather than having to have the bed and the room around it constructed separately. Modern beds come in all types of styles, such as traditional, contemporary, Japanese, and French Bistro.

Canopy bed, the hanging bed. A canopy bed is a bed that hangs from a center piece in the living space. There are many different styles of canopy bed, with the simplest being a curtain rod attached to the head and foot boards. Other styles use various materials such as: bamboo, fabric, metal, and wood.

Rustic bed, the log style bed. A rustic bed is typically made of wood such as pine or cedar and features drawers and/or shelves to store clothes or other items. They are great for use in traditional homes or in homes where the owner wants to create a more mountain cabin like feeling. Some rustic beds feature a log design with no headboards, while others are designed with a headboard that wraps around the entire body. Bed in a bag is a similar style bed that provides additional storage space for items such as a handbag or shoes.

Mattress pads, comforters and bedding sets. Another feature is bedsteads, which are decorative foot rests that feature ornate designs or are formed from various materials including wood, stone or iron. Bedsteads are typically used to provide support for a mattress, regardless of whether it is an electric mattress pad or an organic cotton pad. In addition, bedsteads may also be used to dress up a room or to create an illusion of a larger space. Decorative pillows and curtains are using to further complete the look and feel of the bed.

Air bed, the piston air bed. An air bed offers the unique combination of a bed and a mattress. When the piston is activated, it pumps air through the mattresses and springs back to form a bed. The concept is very similar to that of an air mattress, but the delivery method is different. These types of beds generally come in two styles; those with metal legs and those without.