Bed Frame Basics


Bed Frame Basics

A bed is a functional piece of furniture that is utilized as a primary place to rest, sleep, and relax. In the United States alone, according to The U.S. Census, nearly two million people have no bed in their home. This problem is compounded by seniors who may live in rental units that do not have a bed to offer them. As a result, finding a bed for senior that meets the needs and enhances the senior’s quality of life can be difficult.

There are four different types of beds that can be found on the market today. They range in price from about one hundred dollars to upwards of six thousand dollars. Beds are commonly purchased for resale purposes or to give a new look to old homes. New and modern homes with attached baths find themselves with bed frames often made of metal to give the appearance of higher quality. In addition to these metal bed frames, many older homes are fitted with older style beds.

Wooden bed frames are another common bed type and come in several different types including round, rectangular, and angle boards. These beds can also be fitted with different types of mattresses from memory foam, to solid wood. Some people prefer the traditional wooden frame because of the warmth and charm it provides. Unfortunately this charm does not last forever as the color of these bed frames change over time and the wood will begin to show signs of rot if not properly maintained.

Headboards are also available as part of a bed frame. Headboards are available in different types of wood and can be customized with any type of mattress. An aluminum headboard may be the best choice as it can match the style of the frame. Headboards are usually sold with the frame and can be bought separately. A common misconception is that the headboard is only used for support purposes, but a headboard adds style and class to any bedroom. Headboards can also be used to add height to the bed, which gives an illusion of a larger room.

Rustic beds are traditionally made from wood such as pine. Pine is typically made into many different styles and designs such as round and square. Some rustic beds can be custom made to fit the needs of the owner depending on the measurements of the room. A popular rustic bed style is one that is made from logs or from a log frame which is similar to a rustic bedroom dresser. The bed can be finished with a variety of different hardware including brass knobs and pulls, although typically made of iron with just a coat of paint applied on it.

There are several different materials including metal, wood, foam, leather, fabrics, and plastics that can be used to create the perfect bed. The main concern when purchasing a bed can not only be the price but the quality of the materials included. There are many places where one can purchase a quality bed. Bed frames can also be purchased from a variety of different sources including specialty stores, online stores, and different home improvement stores. Wood frames are typically made of oak or beech, while metal frames are typically made of either wrought iron or aluminum.