Choosing Bed Styles


Depending on your lifestyle, there are a wide range of bed styles to choose from. There are modern beds, rustic beds, industrial beds, and vintage beds. Choosing the right bed can make a room seem larger and less cluttered.

The modern style bed is often sleek and simple. Beds are usually made of a soft mattress that rests on a bed frame. Most modern beds have a solid base to support the mattress. Depending on the style, you may also have a headboard, footboard, and side rails. The headboard is often made of wood or fabric, and may have unique carvings or colors. Typically, the headboard is a soft padded material.

Similarly, a floating bed uses opposing magnets to levitate the bed. This is considered a luxury item, although you can probably get one for a lot less money. The floating bed is also useful for storing items such as shoes, books, and other personal items.

A woven bed is a great option for adding texture to your home. These beds can be a bit rustic, but can also be quite trendy. They are made by weaving a piece of wood, and can add a chic feel to any home.

A sonic bed is another cool bed style. It is a bed that stands about three feet off the ground. The frame surrounds the mattress with wooden walls that contain built-in speakers. This is a great bed for lounging, and may be a good choice for a TV room.

If you like a traditional look, you can go for a French bed. These beds are usually made from wood and have a fancy upholstered headboard. These are ideal for master suites, and can add a touch of romance to any room.

The half tester bed is a unique bed style. These beds have a low foot, and often have a poster at the top of the headboard. They also have a large poster, but they are not as big as a traditional poster bed. These beds may have a dust ruffle or valance sheet, or a headboard that is not upholstered.

The mid-century bed is another cool bed style. Mid-century beds are typically made from wood and feature styles from the 1900s. They are often more stylish than regular twin beds, and are great for maximizing space. These beds are also great for accommodating extra guests.

The best bed for your home is the one that meets your lifestyle and budget. If you need a bed with plenty of storage space, then you should get a divan bed. However, if you prefer a simple, clean look, you may want to opt for a platform bed. This type of bed frame is perfect for a small bedroom, as it does not take up a lot of room.

For those who love a more rustic look, a country bed is the way to go. These beds are usually made from wood, and often feature a panel at the foot of the bed. They can be quite rustic, and will look great in a farmhouse or country home.