Different Kinds of Beds For Your Bedroom

A bed is a fundamental piece of furniture that is most often used to rest and relax oneself. It is in fact, the first piece of furnishing any one will have in their home. In olden days, a person would have to build his or her own home from scratch, depending on the location. Nowadays, there are various styles of beds available. Most of them, however, have the same general principle: a bed is simply a sturdy, solid piece of wood, sometimes with legs or a footboard, that provides a comfortable sleeping area for the user.


The common materials used to make beds in modern homes are metal, wood, or a combination of both. However, the most popular type of bed, preferred by many, is the wooden frame bed. Wood frames are highly preferred because they tend to be more aesthetically pleasing as well as durable.

For the construction of the frame of the bed, the usual material used would be the oak frame, because it has a very strong and sturdy characteristic. Other types of woods used in the construction of beds include maple and pine. As stated earlier, headboards are an important feature of beds; therefore, headboards should also be considered when purchasing the bed.

Headboards made of solid wood are always stronger than those made of plywood or particle board. The advantage of having a headboard on the bed over other types of bedding is that the headboard can serve as the foundation for the whole bed. In addition, since the headboard is attached to the bed, it can serve as a storage area for things that are not required at the bed. Headboards made of solid wood, whether painted or finished, are definitely more expensive than the other types of beds. However, they are a more practical option and can definitely work great as decoration pieces in the bedroom.

Brass bed frames are another popular type of bed for people who want to add a class to their bedroom. Brass bed frames are definitely eye-catching and have a very classic look to them. These bed frames come in different types, with some having brass bed posts and some having wooden bed posts. The look of the bed can be further enhanced by adding headboards to the bed. Another good thing about using brass bed frames is that since they are available in a wide variety of styles and designs, you can match it with other pieces of furniture at home and create a very unique theme for your bedroom.

If you want your bed to have a unique and different look, you may opt to purchase a bed that has a built-in platform that can be raised or lowered depending upon the need. Platform beds are very popular, especially in modern homes, and a built-in platform bed with a built-in platform can easily be incorporated into any type of design, from traditional to contemporary and even vintage themes. A platform bed that is raised will require you to use a few screws to anchor it to the floor. Most of these beds offer you the choice of wood or metal platform, with some also featuring elegant metal headboards.