Four Reasons Why Love Is Important


Many of us have been taught to associate love with the sexual experience, but how can we really know whether it is real? There are many facets of love, and it can be difficult to know what makes us love someone. Freud’s famous words may not be very helpful in the current age, but they do offer some insight into how love works. If you are interested in exploring this topic further, consider the following four reasons why love is important.

Physiological: Love can be a physical emotion, or it can be a mental state. Biologically, love is a complex emotion based on physical attraction and emotional intimacy. Eros love is often described as “asexual,” which means that the two people are unable to commit to one another. It is a short-lived relationship and can also end quickly. But love is a complex emotion, and the way you experience it will depend on your personal and cultural upbringing.

Emotionally: People who are in love will want to commit to each other, move in together, start a family together, and support each other as they build a career. They may also want to help each other in their own life and help each other in their own lives. They may want to travel, work, or study together. In short, they will want to make their relationship progress. But these are just examples of the many ways love can manifest itself.

Spiritually: Agape is the most common way love is described. The Greeks equated it with the love of the gods. It is the love that never ends, regardless of your actions or lack thereof. Agape love is present in all things, including human beings. Parent love is an example of Agape love, and parents often love their children with this same unconditionality. A loving relationship requires sacrifice, but is essential for the individual involved.

Psychologically: When a person is in love, they must feel safe and happy with their partner. But this does not mean that everything is perfect. There are bound to be ups and downs. And if love is causing your mental health to suffer, it is best to seek help. A therapist can help you save your relationship. In the end, love should be healthy and enriching for both of you. The key is to maintain an open mind and be honest with your therapist.

Theoretically, there are two types of love: the bestowal view and the appraisal view. One is a response to antecedent value, and the other is a creative act. The latter is not related to appraisal, which makes it hard to understand. However, it does provide an account of love as a process of creation and recognition. Its most important distinction is that it focuses on the creative aspect of love, not the appraisal of antecedent value.

For Singer, “love involves giving and receiving value.” Bestowing value involves not only attachment to the beloved but also responding to the end of the other person. Bestowing value involves the fulfillment of one’s lover’s needs and delight in the accomplishments of another. Love is a reciprocal process that is rooted in self-understanding and meaning. That’s why it is essential to define what love is in order to understand what it is.