How to Choose the Right Bed For Your Home


How to Choose the Right Bed For Your Home

A bed is a useful piece of furniture that is utilized as a location to rest, sleep, and relax. Many people will agree that the bed is an important part of one’s daily life and there are many different types of beds from which to choose. Beds can be traditional single beds, doubles, bunk beds, or even trundle beds. Choosing the right bed can make a big difference in how your bedroom looks and feels.

Wood and Metal beds Wood beds generally come in one of two forms; pine or maple. Both of these types of beds tend to be higher end than other options and generally will not be as comfortable. While pine wood may appear to have a lighter color than maple, it is actually weaker and does not offer as much support as maple. For this reason, pine is typically used for lower end beds and often has solid wood frame.

Metal bed frames Often times metal bed frames are painted a bright color so that it appears to be one of the more expensive options on the market. These are typically lower end and do not offer a high amount of support. However, metal frames are very durable and will hold up under some abuse.

Floating bed frames A headboard is attached to the top of a floating bed frame. Headboards generally do not have a bottom board, therefore they can be left unstained while still providing support for the mattress. A floating bed frame is typically found in high end hotels, though they are becoming more common in residential homes. This style of bed gives the appearance that the bed actually floats on the bedding surface. Some people use floating bed frames in conjunction with headboards. They can be decorative, as well as functional.

Sectional beds Four sided beds are often attached to four walls in order to provide support for both the mattress and the headboard. Four sided beds are also popular in dorm rooms and other sleeping arrangements where people need the additional support of two beds. These beds have four evenly spaced sides that all face in the same direction.

Trundle beds are similar to trundle cases, except trundle beds have a bottom section that does not connect to the rest of the unit. Trundle beds are great for use in family rooms or anywhere you might like to have extra sleeping space. A trundle bed consists of a bed platform that is attached to a center drawer. Trundle bed frames usually come with a headboard. Some models include a center piece and a foot board. The most popular models are those that contain a bottom section that does not connect to the rest of the frame.