How to Define Love


Love is the feeling you get when you know someone wants to be with you. It is the feeling that comes with trusting the other person will always be there for you. Love makes a relationship exciting and safe. Love weighs 143 pounds like Mr. Rogers did. He used to believe his weight symbolized the love of God.

It is an emotion that is difficult to define. It can be fleeting or permanent, and it can be biologically programmed or culturally conditioned. It differs from person to person and culture to culture, and many researchers disagree on how love is characterized. But one thing is certain: love has a biological and evolutionary basis. It activates the same areas of the brain as cocaine.

There are three different types of love. Each of them has its own distinctive characteristics. For example, Eros is a passionate love that involves physical attraction and sexual intimacy. In contrast, the Storge style focuses on trust and deeper feelings. This type of love is characterized by a feeling of loyalty and commitment.

Another type of love is selfless love. In this case, a woman might do anything for her husband even if he doesn’t want it. A husband may feel love when his wife winks at him across the room. Friends may feel love for one another when they share beautiful moments. Other types of love include familial love (based on kinship), love of neighbor (based on religion), and love of God.

Love can be difficult to define. Many people have mixed feelings about it, and many people have a difficult time knowing if they are in love with the right person. Sometimes, love ends in a train wreck. If you’re unsure whether your feelings are truly in love with someone, it is best to get help from your friends or family.

True love means accepting your partner for who they are. While a passionate love can be destructive to your mental health, companionate love is more accepting. A true love doesn’t try to change your partner, but instead, accepts all of their flaws. This is the only way you can be sure your love is genuine and lasts.

The feelings of love are very intense and overwhelming. You may be unable to focus on anything else. You may also have feelings of constant missing and a desperate desire to be with your partner. It can also interfere with your ability to work. Love takes up most of your energy and is highly dependent on the other person. In addition to this, it can cause you to view the other person as a perfect version of yourself.

In Chinese culture, love is understood as a relationship between two people. The Chinese character for love has a heart in the middle. The Chinese tradition has two philosophical underpinnings regarding love: Mohism and Confucianism. The Chinese philosophy of love emphasizes benevolent love through actions, while Mohism places more emphasis on universal love.