How to Define Love


Among all the human emotions, love is one of the most important and difficult to define. The most common definitions include feelings of affection or adoration towards another person. Love can also mean a strong liking for something or an object, or a religious belief.

While there are a number of definitions of love, they all boil down to the same basic principle. Basically, it means that you have a strong emotional attachment to a person, and feel an enduring or lasting affection towards them. While it is true that love can be uncontrollable and that it can be hard to sustain, it is not impossible. It is also true that love is a powerful motivation that can help you overcome life’s challenges.

There are a number of different types of love, including storge, romantic love, erotic love, and companionate love. Psychologist Robert Sternberg, however, developed a triangular model of love in the early 1980s. He broke the word love into seven different categories, based on three main factors: attraction, commitment, and intimacy.

The storge type of love is based on a deep, often unspoken, emotional bond between two people, with less emphasis placed on physical attractiveness. On the other hand, erotic love is based on intense, sexual intimacy and sex. In fact, the word “erotic” comes from the Latin word “ero”, which means “sex.”

Unlike other human emotions, love can have both positive and negative effects. While it is true that love can be a wonderful thing, it can also be devastating, especially when it is unrequited. In fact, if you love someone enough to keep your feelings bottled up, you may experience an unrequited love. This is not a case of narcissism, but rather a natural cycle of relationship formation.

Among the dozens of theories pertaining to love, many of them have been subject to much debate. One debate, which is still ongoing, is whether love is a real emotion or merely an emotion that is programmable. While some psychologists believe love is real, others claim that it is just a fancy name for a biologically-programmed response to another person.

As a result, the scientific community has a field day debating the definition of love. While most studies have focused on romantic love, there are others that examine the different factors that can bring about the bloom of love. It is a fascinating subject, one that has been studied by social psychologists for more than two decades. Love is not only a human emotion, but it can also be found in other species. This is especially true in the case of pets. There are various types of love, from infatuation to love for a dog.

It’s no surprise that many philosophers have debated the definition of love. While the word love has been around for centuries, researchers have only recently started studying it as a scientific concept. However, love has always been an important part of human life, and the topic has fascinated philosophers of all stripes. Love is a powerful motivator, and a strong bond between two people can help them overcome life’s challenges.