Love And Intimacy As a Natural Chemistry

How do you know if someone is movable or not? Is love just something that happens after a relationship has been formed? Love is not just something that happens between two people. The word love actually originates from the Greek word “kolos” which means bond. We often use the word “love” to describe our feelings towards our partners and family members.


Why Do People Fall in Love? Laying pure love for someone is an amazing thing. It brings people close together. It creates you to feel emotionally bonded to your partner. This strong emotional connection is why it sometimes can seem” unconditional,” even “unconditional,” if you are feeling hurt, rejected, or unhappy within a relationship.

Passionate love is different than pure love though. True passion, or true feelings of attachment to a specific person/ relationship is what we call “affection.” True affection is experienced when a person truly cares about you as a person. The more one feels connected to another, the stronger the bond will be. The opposite of this is the lack of any feelings of affection for another person in a relationship.

When two people enter into romantic love relationships, they are creating an attraction that is both deep and long lasting. The attraction created by romantic love tends to be “long-lasting” because that type of attachment is built on emotions. That is one of the biggest reasons why these types of relationships are so often in a committed state for years. That relationship is actually powered by the power of attraction – two people that have a strong attraction to each other develop a level of intimacy that enables them to develop their fullest potentials. This type of attraction is often described in terms of a “love energy” that continually works inside a couple’s relationship.

One of the interesting things about the human brain is that it has an ability to make the information it processes about the world around us consistent. If a couple has been in a relationship for several years and their love has blossomed into a loving, intimate relationship, their brains will tend to imprint that positive love into their memories and their brains will keep those memories long after the relationship is over. The reason this happens is because the brain has an emotional reaction towards the memories. Although the brain can change the thoughts and perceptions of a person based on how that person responds to those thoughts and perceptions, that does not always work in every case.

Some people have found that they are able to create a passionate love affair by focusing on feeling a deeper connection to their partners than just their affection. They discover that they have more feelings of compassion for their partners than they do for themselves. When they start experiencing all three components of romantic love – passion, intimacy, and compassion – they know that they have found a great partner. They are aware of the fact that they have added three wonderful ingredients to their relationship and they enjoy the passion, intimacy, and compassion in their relationship.