Murphy Bed Frame

A bed is an important piece of furniture that is utilized as a primary place to rest, sleep, and relax in. It is situated in the main bedroom of the house and serves both practical and decorative purposes. However, it is often overlooked by many people, with its traditional appearance and the usual assortment of pillows and mattresses placed on top of it. Today, beds are more fashionable and chic. There are now so many varieties and designs to choose from that every person can find one that suits his or her taste and budget.


One of the earliest forms of beds was a four poster bed, which was popular in the 14th century. This bed was commonly used by royalties during the time period. This bed had a frame made of timber and four posts on which the mattress and four pillows were placed. It featured a single curtain that was suspended in front of the sleeper’s head.

Today, four poster beds have been replaced by a metal frame. Metal bed frames, also called metal frame beds, have side rails as well as a head board. They do not have concealed curtains, just open curtains that can be closed while still being opened during sleep. Metal bed frames may be frameless or framed with either a mosquito net or curtain rod. They are available in different shapes and sizes according to the size and preferences of the sleeper.

A Murphy bed, also known as a platform bed, is another type of bed that has a raised bottom part. This raised bottom part is usually made out of solid wood or sometimes of wicker. On the sides of the platform bed frame are the head and foot boards of the mattress. A ladder can be easily attached to the platform bed frame, allowing the owner of the bed to easily climb up and down the bed. A wooden frame is preferred over metal when choosing this type of bed.

Mattress pads for Murphy beds should be about 18 inches thick. They should be water resistant and contain an anti-microbial agent to help keep the mattress clean. Mattress pads for this type of bed should fit tightly and securely over the mattress. They will provide a comfortable place for the owner to rest and relax in between uses of the bed.

There are also other types of Murphy beds, such as daybeds, futon bunk beds, cribs, daybed mattresses, futon sofa beds, trundle beds, and trundle beds. These come in many styles and colors. Some have the option of a chest of drawers on the side of the bed frame. Murphy beds are ideal for any family who has children. The best quality of these beds is the ease with which they are made and moved from room to room.