The Different Types of Love

We are biologically programmed to love and depend on adults to survive and develop skills. But what are the biological and psychological mechanisms that influence the development of love? There are numerous theories on the subject, and each one is true to a certain extent. Nevertheless, it is difficult to categorize love in a single definition, but there are some commonalities. The most common of these theories is the triangular theory, which suggests that love is composed of two main components: intense attachment and companionate love.


Agape love is often considered the greatest of all types of love. It is unconditional, never changes because of the actions of either partner, and is the kind of love that all things in the world have. Parents are typically characterized as Agape lovers. They are unreservedly devoted to their children, and they would never let their children fall in need them. Regardless of their relationship style, love is an important emotion in their lives.

There are also many different types of love. Agape is a deep, emotional connection between two people. It is the most common type of romantic connection. The term “passionate” is often used to describe intense affection between two people, and is accompanied by physical symptoms such as shortness of breath or rapid heart rate. If your lover does not share these symptoms, then they may be a good candidate for Agape love. These are just a few examples of how to express your love.

Erotic is an expression of love that is based on physical attraction and intense intimacy. It involves emotional distance, and advocates of this type of love are unlikely to commit. They are also likely to feel comfortable ending the relationship if they don’t feel like they can’t be with their partner. Alternatively, storge is a more mature form of love, involving mutual interest and open affection. It is important to know what kind of love you’re experiencing, because the right person can make or break a relationship.

Christian circles refer to several Greek words for love. But St. Thomas Aquinas defined it as “a desire to have another person succeed”. Hence, the Christian concept of love is essentially a feeling that is experienced by two individuals. This emotion is akin to lust, and it is a strong feeling of attachment and affection towards others. If you’re not in a relationship, then you’re probably not experiencing true love.

Erotic love is characterized by the focus on physical attraction and sex. While it’s not considered mature, it can be a strong and fulfilling feeling. In this case, the other person is also likely to feel attracted to the other person. A good example of an erotic love is a romantic relationship. The two partners need each other to remain happy, but there are times when the erotic love is not the right type of love for the other person.