The Power Of Love

The word “love” means so many different things to so many different people. To some, love is the purest form of caring while to others, it is that fleeting sexual satisfaction they are looking for. To still others, love is akin to an inner compass, a beacon of light on a rocky road. The love that people seek is the total opposite of the opposite – hate. No matter what the definition, love is the state of mind we find when we are fully aware and in alignment with our true Self.


The way to love fully is to allow love to be just that. Love is the absence of ego. It is a quality we were born with, but which has been suppressed over the course of centuries. In essence, love is about allowing others to love us first. This can happen at any time throughout our lives, but for many of us, this never comes.

As children, we are bombarded with messages telling us who we should be, what we should be, and how we should behave. There is no place for independent thought in the upbringing of children, especially as they grow into adolescence and then adulthood. Love becomes a commodity instead of a valued, nurturing, and innate quality of human beings. Once we are grown up, though, all of those messages begin to diminish and fall by the wayside.

We have been conditioned so far in society that love is only possible on one plane of existence – that of marriage. Love within a relationship becomes rare and strange. There are often displays of false affection and manipulation from either party involved. Love is pushed aside or put in the back seat to be handled by either party. This is not healthy for love to thrive and grow.

Yet love is not dead! It is within every person. When we are fully present with love, it radiates out from us. Love brings healing and serenity into our lives every day. It makes us feel whole and complete.

This unconditional love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. It can be the rock that we lean on when things are getting tough. It can be the support that we need to keep everything going when times get tough. It is without judgment, criticism, or qualification. This unconditional love is the heart of our relationship and it is what makes our bond stronger than most. When we practice giving and receiving unconditional love, we find that all of our relationships are stronger and more fulfilling than we ever thought possible.