Things You Should Know Before Falling in Love


Love is a powerful emotion, much stronger than friendship. However, it can also turn into a train wreck. Regardless of the outcome, there are things that you should know before falling in love. There are two types of love: enduring and playful. An enduring relationship is one that has a long life, and one that emphasizes self-care.

Several theories exist on the subject of love. Some attempt to define the essence of love, while others emphasize its evaluative qualities. The emotion complex view identifies love as a highly complex emotional attitude towards another person. This view avoids the excesses of the union view and the narrow teleological focus of the robust concern view, and it emphasizes the fact that love is always both evaluative and relational.

Love is the glue that holds relationships together. Although the exact definition of love is still being explored, it is generally accepted that the emotions associated with it are deeply biological and deeply connected to the brain. As such, it is difficult to define. For example, some people say that love is a feeling of deep affection and euphoria.

Classical Greek philosophers tried to categorize different types of love. They characterized three kinds of love: agape, phila, and storge. The first is an altruistic love between family members, whereas the latter is an emotional bond between best friends. Agape was considered the divine form of love.