Tips For Buying a New Mattress


There’s no better feeling than crawling into a bed made with crisp sheets and smooth blankets. That’s one of the reasons many people make the time to get their beds made in the morning: it gives them a sense of accomplishment that helps them tackle other tasks throughout the day.

But there may be more to it than that: studies suggest that making the bed can also help you achieve other personal goals, like staying organized and being a more thoughtful, responsible, balanced person. Plus, it’s an easy way to spruce up the look of any room and set the mood for sleep.


There are many things to consider when choosing a new mattress. Your sleeping habits, body type and size and even whether or not you have pets can impact which style is best for you. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, read reviews to ensure that the bed is comfortable and will meet your needs.

A mattress should last about 10 years if you use it regularly and maintain proper care. If it starts to feel lumpy or sag or you notice stains and other signs of wear and tear, it’s probably time for a replacement.

If you have back or neck pain, a bad-fitting mattress could be to blame — it’s important that it’s aligned correctly with your spine. You can test this by lying on the mattress, checking if any part of your body is pointing off centre. You should also pay attention to how the bed feels when you’re sitting on it, as this is an indication of how well your mattress will support you while you’re seated.

Ideally, you’ll choose a mattress that’s medium-firm in order to offer a balance of support and comfort. All-foam or memory foam mattresses are a great choice for back pain sufferers as they conform to your body to alleviate pressure points. Innerspring mattresses are another option, as they provide a firm surface feel and minimize motion transfer. They’re also good for back pain sufferers but don’t have the same level of comfort as foam mattresses.

When you’re ready to buy a new mattress, keep in mind that many brands have a minimum usage period and won’t accept returns if they’re damaged, sunk, stained or torn. That means that you need to be careful with it right from the beginning – treat it like fine china and keep it away from food and drinks, and make sure that you use a mattress protector.

Sarah Vanbuskirk is a freelance writer and editor with over 20 years of experience covering health, fitness, lifestyle and family-related topics. Her work has appeared in a wide variety of print and online publications including The Spruce, Verywell Fit, Glamour, PDX Parent, Verywell Family, Self, TripSavvy and Marie Claire. She currently lives in Vancouver, Canada.