What Are Your Bedroom Decor Choices?

A bed is any piece of furniture that is primarily used as a functional furniture item intended for sleeping, resting, and relaxing. These types of beds are usually made from various materials such as wood, metal, or plastic, among others. In a traditional or ordinary bed, the mattress is covered with a sheet or an additional blanket, which is placed on top of the actual bed frame.


A headboard, also referred to as the top bed or the middle bed, is usually not included in the package when you buy a bed. Headboards can either be built into the frame or be attached on separately. The typical headboards of these beds are placed on top of the actual mattress, or they can be placed on the sides of the frame just like a regular bed frame.

A dresser is an important storage furniture item found in most bedroom sets today. These pieces of furniture are found in different styles and designs. A dresser may be framed or it can have a drawer at the bottom part of its frame. There are also some modern homes where the dressers are integrated with the desks are built into the frames of the beds. You can find single and double dressers in these beds.

A chest is usually found in a bedroom of a home, especially in the master bedroom. When purchasing a bed, make sure that the chest that you will purchase will fit into the bed size. There are several styles of chests available for sale. Some of them are framed or they are not. If you opt to purchase a chest that is not already framed, you can buy a ready-made one from furniture stores or from the Internet. Before purchasing a new bed with a chest, you should measure the size of the bed so that you will know how much room you will need for the chest of drawers.

An entertainment center is often placed on top of a bed. This piece of furniture serves two purposes; it serves as storage for your television and it also provides a spot for you to display your DVDs and CDs. There are actually many types of entertainment centers to choose from. There are small ones made specifically for a single television and there are large ones that can accommodate 2 televisions.

If you want to add a little more style to your bedroom, you can go for a rustic bed with a log style. Rustic bed frames are typically made from oak, maple, or pine. Some of these frames have arms while others are just plain with no arms. You can also find them with an ornate and detailed carved design.