What is BED?


BED is a behavioral disorder in which an individual overeats and binges. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition, specifies a number of criteria that can be used to diagnose the condition. These criteria include eating unusually large amounts of food in a short period of time, experiencing loss of control over eating behavior, eating large amounts of food when one is not hungry, eating alone to avoid embarrassment, and feeling disgusted and depressed after eating large amounts of food.

The word bed comes from a combination of different languages and is related to the German Beet (bett), English bed (bed), and Swedish badd. These words originate from Proto-Germanic *badja, a derivative of the Ancient Greek word bothuros. The word bed is also related to the Latin word fossa.

The plate-and-hook fastener is an alternative to horizontal pins on a bed post. It replaces horizontal pins with hooks that fit into the rail. The hooks can be surface mount or recessed. In some cases, a mortise must be created in the bed post to accommodate the hooks.

The video tribute was played during the music bed. The piece is comprised of both vocal and instrumental tracks and is dominated by an infectious string section. The video featured pictures of the players at different stages of their lives. While watching the tribute, my mom couldn’t help but cry. The video was a great way to remember our beloved players.

While bed-sharing is normal in some cultures, health experts strongly recommend that infants remain in the parent’s room until they are 6 months old. After that, parents should move them to a separate room. For the first few weeks after birth, infants should be sleeping on their backs and wearing minimal clothing to keep them from overheating. It is also important to offer a pacifier at bedtime and stop swaddling if the baby tries to roll over.

To prevent an infestation, it is best to use a bed bug repellent or hire a pest control company. These services will use methods based on integrated pest management (IPM) and pesticide application. The Department of Environmental Conservation provides a list of registered companies. Although bed bugs can be annoying and expensive to get rid of, they are not harmful to human health.