What Is Love?


Love is a feeling of deep affection for another person. It is a combination of many different emotions. This term is frequently used to refer to romantic love, but it can also be applied to other kinds of intense affection.

The word “love” is derived from the Latin word luvulus, which means “to be a flutter”. Although most of us use the term to mean romantic attraction, love can be found in other areas of our lives as well. Several researchers have tried to define love, but their definitions differ.

According to the traditional psychological view of love, there are two major drives in love. These drives are referred to as the companionate drive and the passionate drive. Both are biologically programmed and both may become weakened or diminished if they are overridden by competing responsibilities.

Biological models of love typically consider love to be a mammalian drive. In the past 75 years, psychologists have begun to study love as a specific idea. They have realized that love involves not only feeling good when someone else is happy, but also feeling good when someone else is well.

Some researchers suggest that love is a basic human emotion. Others believe that it is a cultural phenomenon. Regardless of what we believe, it is important to realize that love is necessary for life. Many people are able to feel the passion of love only during the early stages of relationships. However, as life continues, the passion of love can grow and develop.

Psychologists and philosophers have debated the meaning of love for centuries. For instance, Thomas Aquinas defined love as the desire to will the good of another. While the definition of love varies, most agree that it is a feeling.

Researchers have also argued whether love is a biological drive or a social phenomenon. According to the American Psychological Association, love is a complex emotion involving numerous different feelings. Other researchers describe love as the physiological drive that occurs between humans.

Some people have argued that it is not an emotion, but a combination of narcissism and protectiveness. Psychologist Paul Ekman says that the feeling of love should show up in the body in a unique way. One of the most famous researchers of emotion, he has said that each of the basic feelings should be represented in the facial expression of the person experiencing them.

According to the color wheel theory of love, there are three primary styles of love. One style, referred to as the Eros style, is based on physical attraction, while the other two are based on deeper feelings.

Another style, referred to as the Storge style, is based on trust and benevolent acts of kindness. Throughout the course of a relationship, both partners are expected to make the other feel comfortable and secure.

Whether you are romantically involved or just close to your best friend, love is a powerful emotion. When you meet a person you like, you might stammer or even sweat as you try to approach them.