The Importance of Sleep and the Four Stages of Sleep


The Importance of Sleep and the Four Stages of Sleep

Sleep is a state of body and brain, characterized by decreased awareness, usually reduced sensory activity, lowered motor activity, decreased muscle tone and strength during REM sleep, and decreased interactions with the surrounding environment during non-rapid eye movement sleep (NREM sleep). During sleep, the brain reorganizes and releases the chemicals and proteins associated with sleep and memory. Sleep is necessary for repair of many cellular and chemical reactions in the brain and restoration of brain cells following tissue damage during the day. The majority of living tissue is composed of nerve cells and glial cells.

It is imperative to provide the body with adequate amounts of sleep and adequate means of relaxation techniques in order to maintain normal health and optimal levels of functioning. The optimum sleep/restorative cycle depends on the state or activity of the patient’s sleeping body. When sleep is interrupted, the body becomes stressed, painful and weak. When people are deprived of sleep, their bodies become exhausted and they are unable to perform their daily functions normally.

Most individuals have a pattern in their sleep that relates to the duration and amount of sleep they require. Those who sleep well can fall asleep for a long period before feeling tired. This type of pattern enables them to conserve energy and prevent the development of poor-quality daytime sleep. Those who need less sleep are often those with poor quality sleep and higher stress levels. They can develop chronic insomnia and various diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.

The function of the brain and its relationship to sleep is the subject of recent research and the results are not very encouraging. Studies have shown that there is a strong relationship between the degree of muscle activity and the duration of sleep. In fact, researchers found that some people are able to sleep through the muscle relaxation that is needed to reduce stress. However, the same study showed that when the body goes into a state of wakefulness, the amount of muscle activity actually rises.

While getting enough sleep is critical to good physical health, the mental health of an individual is equally important. Researchers have found that individuals who are sleep deprived do not perform at their best or worse than those who are getting enough sleep. In addition to the lack of physical health, those suffering from sleep deprivation experience mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety and stress. These problems increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and other health problems. It has been found that the risk of developing heart disease increases by as much as 40% during periods of extreme sleepiness. Even minor changes in sleep and the circadian rhythm are enough to create major changes in your mental health.

Although it is possible to sleep through the four stages of sleep, the body will not go to sleep automatically. Therefore, you will not get the restorative sleep that is necessary for restoration of chemical, physical and emotional balance. There are several devices that can be used to help you fall asleep, including specially designed pillows, audio recordings, and blue-ray machines. These are all options that can be explored to improve the quality of your sleep.

How to Choose the Right Bed Frame

A bed is a very important piece of furniture that is often used as part of a room to relax and sleep. Although beds have been around for centuries, they are relatively new to North America. Bedrooms were usually located in homes with attached bathrooms, while bedrooms became more of a separate room that was separated by a wall. When a home had both a bathroom and a bedroom, the bed would often be located in a room with a bathroom. This would make it necessary for the bed to have a separate room and often meant that the bed could not be placed against a wall in the bathroom.


In modern times, most people have one bedroom that they use as their main bedroom. Often times in these cases, it does not have a second floor or a third floor and the bed usually rests against a wall. Beds are typically made from either wood metal, or a combination of the two. Those that are made of wood typically have a box spring that supports the mattress and has a mattress protector surrounding it. The box spring is usually made from metal or hardwood, while the mattress is typically made from memory foam or a similar material.

There are two types of beds: the platform bed without headboard. The platform bed is the most traditional type of bed and usually consists of a frame, four legs that are typically metal, and a mattress on top. The headboard on these types of beds is typically not present and is not used at all. The headboard is only used on high-end, expensive beds that are available in select stores.

The modern style of bed consists of frame, box spring, and a mattress. These beds are much sturdier than the traditional platform bed and generally cost more money as well. The frame can be made from wood, metal, or a combination of the two. The headboards on modern platform bed frames are usually metal and do not include any kind of wood cover. The drawers can be built into the frame for storage purposes.

Some popular styles of bed are the sleigh bed frame, which usually has a headboard that is attached to the side of the bed; the canopy bed, which features a hooded, wooden canopy that can be raised or lowered depending upon the height of the bed; and the trundle bed, which consists of a headboard attached to the bottom of the bed, or sometimes to a stand-alone piece of furniture. Some sleigh bed frames feature horizontal bars along the frame which can be pushed aside for access to the storage drawers beneath the headboard. Some canopy beds, like the Trundle Bed Frame, feature a hinged door at the headboard, allowing it to be opened and closed just like a closet. The trundle bed does not have a footboard. It is designed with one long piece that hangs down from the bottom of the bed frame, with a hinged top piece that can be folded down and opened. This type of bed can accommodate both adult and child sized people.

There are other types of bed that are not freestanding, and do not have any drawers at all. These include the bunk bed, or futon, which is built in and features a box spring on its lower frame. The mattress, or “firm” bed consists of a box spring on the bottom of the bed, and a mattress on top of the box spring. A “crib” bed has no bottom frame and can be used for children or adults. A “furniture” bed is like a bed that has drawers built into its side panels for storage.

Understanding Eharmony

Love is a term used to describe a wide range of emotions, with an emphasis on feeling rather than thinking. It can be romantic love, friendly love, familial love, or even sex. There is even “infatuation,” which may not have any relationship to love.


One of the most intriguing areas of study that attempts to define love is neurology. Neurologists attempt to map the brain function associated with romantic love, passion, attachment, and relationships in all of our species. In humans, two brain regions have been found to be involved in many of our most passionate relationships and behaviors the left anterior superior temporal gyrus (which are involved in visual processing) and the pre-prefrontal cortex (which deal with rational thought).

These neurological pathways may be related to several aspects of romantic love, including physical touching, which activates both of these brain regions. However, it is also possible that these connections are related to non-romantic love and other forms of attachment. Studies have found connections between several behaviors, such as spending time, grooming, hugging, and kissing, and reaching out or touching one another. Interestingly, children seem to be quite content with this level of physical touch, indicating that they are not using this form of affection for either positive or negative purposes. With that said, it is clear that love is more than just physical attraction.

Other researchers believe that passionate feelings may have a different function when compared to romantic relationships. That is, we may be attracted to someone based on their physical beauty but have less interest if they possess a caring personality. Or, a person with caring characteristics may have less interest than a person with physical beauty or a higher status in life. Based on this theory, the less attractive a person is, the more likely they will have less interest in a relationship or forming intimate bonds. The research seems to indicate that passion is not always a good indicator of love when it comes to premarital sex or sexual intimacy.

While many of us believe that love results from an emotional bond that develops over time, there is some evidence that shows that love can have a physiological component as well. In humans as well as other animals, certain brain chemicals occur during experiences that mirror those associated with romantic relationships. Individuals experiencing those feelings have been shown to have an increase in the levels of serotonin and dopamine. Those levels tend to stay high even after the experience is over, suggesting that continued feelings of affection produce long term health benefits. Interestingly, those who are in long-term relationships and do not experience any form of attachment are not displaying the same affectionate behaviors associated with romantic relationships.

While there is no one way to define love, we know that most relationships involve some level of emotional attachment and passionate interactions. When it comes to harmony, there are a number of ways to interpret the meaning of love. Whether you are looking for the ideal relationship or are looking for the spark that will bring you both together to build a new life, the pursuit of that ideal can be fueled by the practice of Attraction Healing.

Understanding Sleep Stages to Help Get a Great Night’s Sleep


Understanding Sleep Stages to Help Get a Great Night’s Sleep

Sleep is a natural, recurring condition of the body and brain, characterized by relatively reduced sensory activity, decreased muscle activity, decreased mental activity, decreased muscle function during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep and, generally, decreased emotional activity during waking hours. Sleep is most often thought of as being necessary for the human body to function properly during the day, but recent research indicates that sleep may also play an important role in the development of certain psychological conditions like depression and anxiety. There are approximately six to seven hours of sleep required for optimal brain functioning, although some sleep is also needed for the maintenance of muscle strength and immunity. The average adult sleeps for about seven hours, although infants may need more sleep (and adults need less sleep) than others. A study conducted by the National Institutes of Health concluded that most Americans sleep less than the recommended amount, while sleep duration was found to be related to depressive mood and anxiety disorders.

Sleep can be broken into two distinct phases: light sleep or non-light sleep, which continues through the night and is followed by a period of rapid sleep known as circadian rhythms; and darkness sleep or nocturnal sleep, which occurs during the day and is the period when most of the brain’s activity is done. Some evidence suggests that light sleep may stimulate brain activity. Other research has shown that sleep aids in learning have a dual effect, stimulating the brain while blocking out extraneous stimuli during the light phase. Further research may indicate that sleep duration is actually not related to the amount of brain activity but rather the quality of it, with longer periods of waking after sleep allowing more brain activity. The quality of sleep may be improved by removing caffeine from the diet, taking up a regular exercise routine, avoiding alcohol consumption, and reducing stress.

During sleep, the body temperature drops by roughly ten degrees Celsius. It is possible to sleep longer if the body temperature is kept low. This is done by reducing the body temperature slowly with the help of coolers and taking naps. Most of the information on how to fall asleep comes from studies on brain waves, which show that the dominant state of brain waves while a person is asleep is known as Beta. While this state of mind is relaxing, it is also associated with a drop in body temperature, which is also why people feel sleepy in the daytime.

The brain, through its pineal gland, releases melatonin, which is important for regulating the body’s internal clock. Melatonin helps the body to sleep by inducing slow eye movement, deep breathing, relaxation and drowsiness. Rapid eye movement or REM sleep ensues when the pineal gland stimulates the production of serotonin, a hormone that regulates mood, sleep and muscle relaxation. Dream state activity occurs during REM sleep.

Rapid eye movement or REM sleep is highly related to the quality of deep sleep, which last several hours, and the intensity of the light sleep. When the quality of sleep is high, people are less likely to recall things that occurred during the day, while on the other hand, people who go to deep REM sleep are able to recall things that occurred during the night. It is believed that REM sleep is necessary for the restoration of consciousness that took place during the rapid eye movement stage of sleep.

People who lack a good night’s rest tend to have poor performance in school, have an increased risk of stress and have a shorter life span. Rest is an activity that our bodies need if we want to be mentally and physically fit and alert. It is imperative that we take time to properly relax before going to sleep every night. If we don’t, our brains will overwork and eventually sleep, resulting in a disorganized and lethargic morning.

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Best Men’s Moisturisers from Australian Brands

A good moisturiser should be a staple product in a man’s skin care routine. In Australia, the summers tend to be hot and dry, so a quality moisturiser should make your skin feel refreshed, but not oily or greasy. Additionally, as men’s skin tends to be thicker and excrete more oil than women’s skin, when choosing a moisturiser, it’s important to avoid heavy products that feel sticky.

Here’s a list of the best men’s moisturisers from Australian brands. Unsurprisingly, there are products from household names like Jurlique and Aesop. However, there are also a number of boutique brands building a sizeable following for producing effective skin care products for men and women alike.  While of the brands listed here tend to be marketed for women, the truth is, given the amount of money invested that market, their products tend to be superior than men’s, both in terms of formulation and effectiveness.

If you support Australian grooming brands, these are some of the best moisturisers for men that contain proven ingredients to make your daily skin care routine sound and effective.

Best Men’s Moisturisers from Australian Brands (#1 – 3)

Ausceuticals Peptide Moisturiser

Under-the-radar skin care company Ausceuticals comes from West Australia and is known for their scientific approach to skin care and grooming. The star ingredient in this particular moisturiser is peptides, which have the ability to make the skin more resilient. As men age, collagen in their skin breaks down and get damaged; by applying peptides topically to the skin it sends a signal for your body to generate new collagen to revitalize the skin to make it appear more supple. This moisturiser is suitable for all skin types and helps with fine line and wrinkles.

Hunter Lab Daily Facial Fuel for Men

While I’m not normally a fan of skin care products in jar packaging (doesn’t feel very hygienic), this daily moisturiser from men’s grooming brand Hunter Lab features enough proven ingredients to overlook this. Using macadamia seed oil, this product is nourishing and helps with skin ageing, while the inclusion of passion flower extract gives it anti-inflammatory properties. Did I mention it also smells great with hints of rum and vanilla?

Ultraceuticals Red Action Moisturiser

A list of the best men’s moisturisers coming from Australian would be incomplete without a mention of Ultraceuticals, which is famed for developing skin care products that are effective and feature state-of-the-art formulations. This particular moisturiser is designed for men who suffer from skin redness due to dry skin or photo-ageing, and utilises niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to restore and calm the skin. This product is also great for men with sensitive skin as it is free from paraben and synthetic fragrances which can irritate the skin barrier.

Best Men’s Moisturisers from Australian Brands (#4-7)

CR Formulations Ultra Day Moisturiser

Jam-packed with Vitamins C, E, B1, B3 and B5, this ‘Ultra Day’ moisturiser is great for men who want a rich moisturising day cream that is designed to protect the skin. It even contains raspberry seed oil which can act as a natural sunscreen (although gents, you should still wear a SPF product on top of this). CR Formulations was founded by model-turned-entrepreneur Cheryl Ross who has consulted to skin care brands in Australia and overseas, and develops products that blend science and nature. This moisturiser is slightly heavier so can be used at night as a night cream.

MV Skincare Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser

It’s not hard to see why this cult moisturiser from boutique Australian brand MV Organics Skincare has won a multiple skin care awards and is loved by numerous celebrities and artists. Featuring Bulgarian rose oil for a light fragrance, this moisturiser is goes on thick, but doesn’t feel greasy. This versatile moisturiser makes it on this ‘best men’s moisturiser’ list as it also caters for those with skin issues like eczema and rosacea.

Aesop Lightweight Facial Hydrating Cream

Most men want a moisturiser which sinks into the skin and doesn’t feel oily – and this option from Aesop ticks all the right boxes. Not only is it hydrating and lightweight, it’s also suitable for different skin types – oily, combination or sensitive. In particular, this moisturiser makes it on this ‘best of’ men’s list as it soothes blemish-prone skin using natural ingredients such as aloe vera and ylang ylang.

Jurlique Moisture Replenishing Day Cream

Men’s skin tends to more oily than women’s, but this moisturiser from South Australian brand Jurlique doesn’t feel oily or leave shine on the skin. Instead, using a combination of jojoba oil, shea butter and avocado oil, it keeps the skin deeply moisturised throughout the day. Great for those with oily or combination skin.

Men’s Biz Opens Sydney Store

Like its online store, the Men’s Biz Sydney retail store focuses on men’s skincare and grooming products. The one difference is that the store offers barber services available for appointments and walk-ins. Nathan said the barber service is a way for the company to introduce new products to clients. The service will be available during opening hours.

The Sydney store contains all the products from Men’s Biz online, including aftershaves, razors, fragrances, skincare and hair products. The staff are knowledgeable and can offer advice on what products may suit your particular needs.

Nathan’s favourite products in store are the Merkur Solingen Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor (one of the big sellers at Men’s Biz), the Geo. F. Trumper Sandalwood Skin Food for its fragrance and the Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser (not related to the actor).

Nathan’s favourite products (L-R): Geo. F. Trumper Sandalwood Skin Food, the Merkur Solingen Double Edge Razor and the Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser.

Nathan, who has a background in advertising, said he started Men’s Biz as he felt there was an opportunity to sell grooming products to men directly, instead going through cosmetic counters and supermarkets. His vision is for Men’s Biz to be a specialist grooming store, and so far it’s certainly done an excellent job.

Men’s Fashion 2110 Style

Men’s fashion 2110 is about making fashion and fun. It is meant to be a stylish and enjoyable wardrobe to enhance your style, look great, and is become fashionable. Men’s fashion 2110 includes a mix of styles for everyday wear, evening wear, sports attire, and casual. There are a variety of options for every wardrobe. You can find casual shirts, shorts, jeans, trousers, jackets, boots, accessories, and shoes in all sorts of colors, fabrics, and styles.

What does the future hold for men’s clothing? Will it still be casual and relaxed? Or will it be more fashionable? It is hard to say. How about the future of men’s apparel? The following might be worth looking into:

T-shirt. T-shirts have always had a large role in men’s fashion. T-shirts can be sported in virtually any style, from the classic button-down to the preppy graphic tees.

Slacks. Slacks are not only for the office. They can also be worn for casual clothing. Slacks can be in any style: office wear, dressy wear, or casual wear. They can also be mixed and matched with other types of clothing.

Jeans. Jeans are the essential for every man’s wardrobe. They are classic and rugged, comfortable and easy to care for. Jeans can be sported for casual, dressy, or formal occasions.

Slippers. Slippers, like jeans, can also be mixed and matched with other items. Some slippers can also double as a fancy shoe for evening wear.

Traveling. Men’s clothing is also suitable for travel. Men’s travel clothes can be of any style. For day-wear, travel pants, western wear, and beach attire are appropriate, and for travel jackets, coats, and boardshorts, it is advisable to wear a t-shirt and some athletic type shoes.


For formal attire, the usual dress code is trousers, shirt, jacket, tie, socks, and shoes. For casual and sports apparel, you can choose your own accessories. You can have your socks match with your trousers. Sportswear can be either plain or printed. For formal wear, black is the most popular color, but you can choose any color as long as it suits your style and personality.


Work. The work environment requires you to look professional. The right outerwear can make you feel more confident in a business meeting. Your best bet would be a dress shirt, blouse, and necktie. When you are attending a conference or have business meetings in your office, you can wear a jacket.

Formal. It is important to look good for formal occasions. If you want to go formal in a restaurant, you can wear a jacket and tie.

Casual. Casual clothes are for those days when you do not feel like dressing up or need to be in a professional atmosphere. For these days, it is better to wear jeans or khakis, and a button down shirt. If you want to go out and party, you can just wear a t-shirt and sneakers. Make sure that you have on something to protect your hands and feet.

Work. Getting to work is the most important thing that you have to do each day. Therefore, you should present yourself as a professional. You should dress conservatively. The last thing that you need is to look funny in front of your colleagues.

These are only some of the things that you should consider when choosing men’s fashion. Always remember that your appearance speaks volumes about you. You should also be conscious about your personality and preferences. Knowing these things will help you determine what type of clothes to wear.

Men’s fashion doesn’t end with the clothes. Your attitude should also matter. It is important that you always wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. It is essential to always choose clothing that makes you look great and presentable. Remember that your whole appearance should match your personality.

With the change in time, technology has also made an impact on men’s fashion. In this modern age, your clothing should also be technologically advanced. For instance, if you are into sport, then you might want to wear sports attire. This will make you look good and feel good. On the other hand, if you are more into business attire, then you can also opt for business attire.

Remember that the choices that you make when it comes to clothing also reflect on how you are as a person. Always take into consideration your personality and how you want to portray a certain kind of image or personality. Think about what kind of image or style that you would like to show to the world. Keep in mind that men should also dress up and not down.

Different Kinds of Beds For Your Bedroom

A bed is a fundamental piece of furniture that is most often used to rest and relax oneself. It is in fact, the first piece of furnishing any one will have in their home. In olden days, a person would have to build his or her own home from scratch, depending on the location. Nowadays, there are various styles of beds available. Most of them, however, have the same general principle: a bed is simply a sturdy, solid piece of wood, sometimes with legs or a footboard, that provides a comfortable sleeping area for the user.


The common materials used to make beds in modern homes are metal, wood, or a combination of both. However, the most popular type of bed, preferred by many, is the wooden frame bed. Wood frames are highly preferred because they tend to be more aesthetically pleasing as well as durable.

For the construction of the frame of the bed, the usual material used would be the oak frame, because it has a very strong and sturdy characteristic. Other types of woods used in the construction of beds include maple and pine. As stated earlier, headboards are an important feature of beds; therefore, headboards should also be considered when purchasing the bed.

Headboards made of solid wood are always stronger than those made of plywood or particle board. The advantage of having a headboard on the bed over other types of bedding is that the headboard can serve as the foundation for the whole bed. In addition, since the headboard is attached to the bed, it can serve as a storage area for things that are not required at the bed. Headboards made of solid wood, whether painted or finished, are definitely more expensive than the other types of beds. However, they are a more practical option and can definitely work great as decoration pieces in the bedroom.

Brass bed frames are another popular type of bed for people who want to add a class to their bedroom. Brass bed frames are definitely eye-catching and have a very classic look to them. These bed frames come in different types, with some having brass bed posts and some having wooden bed posts. The look of the bed can be further enhanced by adding headboards to the bed. Another good thing about using brass bed frames is that since they are available in a wide variety of styles and designs, you can match it with other pieces of furniture at home and create a very unique theme for your bedroom.

If you want your bed to have a unique and different look, you may opt to purchase a bed that has a built-in platform that can be raised or lowered depending upon the need. Platform beds are very popular, especially in modern homes, and a built-in platform bed with a built-in platform can easily be incorporated into any type of design, from traditional to contemporary and even vintage themes. A platform bed that is raised will require you to use a few screws to anchor it to the floor. Most of these beds offer you the choice of wood or metal platform, with some also featuring elegant metal headboards.

Love And Commitment In Switzerland (The Number One Hotspot For Swiss Singles)

In the world we live in today, it is rare to find people who are truly in love. This may be because in today’s society, there are many relationships that are less than loving relationships. It is sad but true that there are those in the world who have no interest in other human being at all.


Sometimes I wonder if some of these so-called loving relationships are based on dishonesty or on feelings that are too strong. Does this mean that someone can not be truly in love? It sure does not. It just means that someone is not so naive as to fall for the ruse that love really is when they should know better.

The love between two families in the old country was very pure. There were no infatuated feelings or lust. The families simply loved each other and were happy. Sometimes a relationship could last a lifetime, but sometimes there were differences, but they worked through them.

A Swiss Study of Statistics by Martin Claessens shows that there is a much higher rate of divorce in Switzerland than in any of the western European countries. It also shows that in Switzerland, the rate of premarital sex is very low. Therefore it can be concluded that either the rates of premarital sex in other European countries are so low because people here are so sexually satisfied that they have difficulty getting married, or that they are so involved with their lovers that they are afraid of losing them.

In a study made by Channel Health Services, a shocking statistic was revealed. Out of every ten male Swiss, only seventeen percent of them were married in the past five years. Out of every ten female Swiss, ninety percent had no partners during the last five years. In other words, out of every ten Swiss men and women, eighteen percent of them are either completely single or have only one partner. Now this is an extremely disturbing statistic, and something has to be done to prevent this trend from continuing. It shows that the values and beliefs of the majority of Swiss cannot survive without outside involvement, and that marriage in Switzerland is losing its appeal to uk singles.

It is evident that something has to change as the lifestyles of swiss are starting to become completely unsuitable for the average person to live. The rise of the number-one hotspot for singles in Switzerland has to be looked at very carefully. Is the increasing number of single-parent families creating a more hostile environment for Switzerland? Or is it simply the simple fact that the average Netherlands (a nation of great social diversity and great opportunities) have become a nation of conformity, and of low opportunity? Whatever the reason, a better approach would be to look at the situation with a critical eye, rather than emotive one, and to adopt a more pragmatic approach which would see the positive aspects of Switzerland as a unique opportunity for uk singles to enjoy the benefits of living harmoniously together in a country where love and commitment are a timeless tradition.