Modern Bed Styles Include Many Features


Modern Bed Styles Include Many Features

A bed is actually a common piece of furniture that is commonly used as an item to rest, sleep, and relax in. Bedrooms are always equipped with some type of bed or beds on the floor, for these are the most common places to take a short nap or get some much-needed relaxation. Beds are also popular in large suites of rooms that may consist of a living room, dining area, and bedroom. The bed would be the focal point of this space. There are different types of beds, and depending upon ones personal need there are various types of beds that are available for purchase.

Traditional Bed Frame A traditional bed frame consists of four legs and a headboard. A traditional bed frame will have either a box spring or a box top. These beds tend to be made out of wood or metal and are usually the most common types of beds that people tend to choose when looking for a bed frame. A traditional bed frame is also easy to assemble, though a more complex and costly design may be required in order to be the right size and height for the bed.

Mattress Beds One of the more common forms of bedding is a mattress bed. A mattress bed is designed to fit on top of existing mattresses so that no new cost is required in buying a new mattress. These beds are typically made out of traditional materials, such as leather or cloth. These beds are great for those who like to rearrange their room often, as they are easily able to be moved. Some people may prefer to buy the actual mattress first and then the bedding in a set package. Many times there is a mattress that comes with the bed, and depending on the style and manufacturer, the bed frame can come with the matching mattress as well.

Headboards are also popular options in bed frames. Headboards are typically what the feet rest on in order to support the mattress. Headboards can be found in various styles and finishes, so you can easily find one to match your bedroom design. Some headboards come with built in feet so all you have to do is install it on the bed frame. If the headboard has an attached foot rest then this option will not be available.

A popular option in headboards is the “horizontal bar” headboard. This is simply a long board with a long, narrow, angled board at the end that fits onto the bed frame as its footboard. Horizontal bars tend to be comfortable because they push into the body and sit directly on the shanks of the bed.

Drawers and Cabinets Another common feature in modern bed frames is built-in drawers and cabinets. The most common type of built-in drawer is the vertical wood platform. These types of drawers can either be built into the side of the bed frame or built into the side of the bed. There are also sliding drawer units that simply attach to the side of the bed or to the bed frame as a whole.