The Definition of Love

The definition of love has evolved over the last two decades. The color wheel theory suggests three primary love styles and nine secondary styles. The triangular theory argues that love is a complex feeling that is formed through intimacy, passion and commitment. Although it is difficult to define exactly what love is, there are some universal truths that can be drawn from it. For example, the definition of love may vary between cultures, but it is still a universal feeling.


The two primary types of love are passionate love and companionate affection. Passionate love is the most extreme form of love, characterized by intense feelings of attraction without commitment. It is often early in the relationship, but can deepen into a lasting love. Unlike erotic, passionate and compassionate loves both require a strong sense of trust and are mutually exclusive. The goal of a committed relationship is to maintain a close relationship, but the love is not necessarily physical.

The three main types of love are erotic and compassionate. Infatuation is a short-term relationship that doesn’t require a commitment. While passionate love often involves intense feelings of attraction, it can also develop into a lasting love. Depending on the intensity of the feelings, a passionate lover may feel compelled to create a constant level of physical closeness. While compassion-based love focuses on affection and commitment, it doesn’t require a commitment or a long-term relationship.

Infatuation and storge love have different definitions. The former describes intense feelings of attraction, but without a commitment. Infatuation occurs early in the relationship, but it can often progress into a lasting love. Similarly, passionate love emphasizes intense feelings of desire and longing. The focus here is on physical closeness. Both passion and storge love are marked by a commitment to each other. In either case, the emphasis is on emotional closeness and trust, and neither of them is unattainable.

Interpersonal love refers to love between two people. Compared to an emotional attachment, it is stronger than simply liking a person. Intimate love is typically expressed between friends and family members. Occasionally, it can also be expressed between individuals, including romantic partners. It can be a sign of other psychological disorders, but there are ways to recognize these different types of love. This article explains how to differentiate between these types of love. The key difference between these two types is the definition of “compassionate love”.

The different types of love are defined in different ways. For example, passionate love is a relationship centered on a person’s physical attraction and does not involve any commitment. While storge and erotic love are different, both are intense feelings of desire. They both involve a need for closeness and intimacy, and can be characterized as sexual or non-sexual. The erotic type of love has an emotional focus on the other’s appearance, as well as the two of them.