The Three Types of Love

The word “love” is a universal, enactable emotion. In fact, it’s essentially the love of a god. According to Greek philosophers, love is a feeling that’s “unconditional, everlasting, and utterly indiscriminate.” A feeling of Agape love is common and is seen in nature, including in parents and children. During times of turmoil, however, love can be the ultimate comfort.


The three types of love are erotic, storge, and sexual. Erotic love emphasizes physical attraction and intense intimacy. It also involves emotional distance and game-playing, making the relationship uncommittal and easy to end. The latter is often considered more mature, requiring similar interests and open affection. It’s also characterized by being thoughtful, caring, and non-needy. Regardless of its form, it’s hard to argue that love can be irrational or even unhealthy.

A relationship that’s characterized by intense sex is called erotic. The main focus of erotic love is on physical attraction, engaging in sex, and achieving an extreme level of intimacy. This type of love rarely leads to a commitment and advocates are generally comfortable ending a relationship as soon as the sexual excitement wears off. In contrast, storge love is regarded as a more mature form of love, which emphasizes mutual interests, trust, and open affection, and places less emphasis on physical attractiveness. These people are generally very trustworthy and not overly dependent on others, and are not likely to break up.

Erotic love involves physical attraction and intense intimacy. But it also involves emotional distance and game-playing. Moreover, advocates of erotic love are unlikely to commit, and are comfortable with ending relationships. Storage love is the most mature form of love, which emphasizes similar interests, open affection, and a commitment to each other. This kind of love is more likely to lead to a long-term relationship. If these attributes are present, it may be a sign of genuine affection between two people.

Regardless of your sexual orientation, love is always fair. No matter how erotic or sexy, erotic love is still a good thing to have. Whether it’s a relationship that lasts, it is always important to be honest with your partner. There is no sexy partner, so it’s important to be truthful in relationships. It’s important to stay true to your own feelings and desires.

A storge-love relationship is not necessarily a romantic relationship. It involves two people who share a common spirituality and are passionate about each other. The erotic type of love is very intense and often accompanied by physiological arousal, including an increased heart rate. This type of love is not mutual and is not based on religion. Those who have a storge-love relationship are likely to be able to share similar interests.