Types of Bed Fasteners


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A plate-and-hook fastener is another type of bed rail fastener. This method is similar to the keyhole fastener, but uses a mortise in the post instead of horizontal pins. This type of fastener has a vertical mortise and hooks on either the rail or the end of the rail. The hooks are installed at the end of the rail and fit into the mortise on the post. They hook over the pins.

Portable beds were first used in France under Louis XI. These were used by the high society in France, where women welcomed friends and family in bed before and after childbirth or mourning, and during a time of mourning. These portable beds were popular until the end of the Ancien Regime. During this time, women at Versailles would also receive friends and family in bed, ensuring that they felt safe and comfortable. These portable beds were used throughout the French Renaissance, until the end of the Ancien Regime.