What Is Your Passion? Can You Feel It? Part 2


What Is Your Passion? Can You Feel It? Part 2

It is important to realize that the feeling of love is not only a state of mind. Love encompasses a whole spectrum of positive and powerful emotional and mental feelings, from the strongest communal trait or ideal, to the lightest personal pleasure, the most purest relationship. If love is not a state of mind, it cannot be a motivating force. It can even hinder our efforts to make progress in other areas of our lives.

The first step towards developing love for another person is to be fully present with the emotions of love, rather than discounting them or thinking they are not important. Love requires an intimate proximity. To love another person means to spend quality time with that person, just as you would spend time with your family. There is no such thing as “spending” love if it does not include a total involvement and attachment for one another. A romantic love is more like a bond than a casual attachment – intimacy must be present if intimacy is to truly occur.

The next step is to understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. Healthy relationships are built on the shared feelings of two people who have chosen to remain and grow together. These feelings are nurtured through shared conversation, admiration, support and concern for one another’s well-being. Healthy relationships are built on genuine connection and trust between two people who are willing to work together for the benefit of their partners.

Unconditional love is the opposite of healthy relationships. When we speak of someone with unconditional love we are generally talking about a romantic partner. However, in all types of relationships, including friendships, unconditional love is not typically expressed. People with true unconditional love do not depend on their partners’ good intentions or wishes to receive them. Their love is more like a bond that is given by each individual.

It is important to understand your own personal love style so that you can enhance your relationships with others and feel closer to those you love. As you begin to understand yourself you will be better able to communicate your needs and desires to your partner. You will also be able to identify what fuels your passion. If you feel passionate about something and want it to come true you can let it drive your relationships. If you do not express your passion you may find that it is extinguished rather quickly by not receiving the passion you desire from your relationship.

You can access and enhance your passionate love for a deeper connection with a partner through exploration of your individual feelings. There are ways to access and deepen your emotional responses through such exploration. You can make your romantic love stronger, more passionate and more rewarding in many ways if you are willing to open up your thoughts and your brain regions. You can achieve this state by working with your brain to change how you respond to your romantic love relationships.