Choosing the Right Bed For Your Health and Wellbeing


A bed is more than a place to sleep — it’s an investment in your health, comfort and overall wellbeing. Choosing the right one requires research, time and trial and error to ensure you get the best rest possible. It’s also important to consider your body’s sleeping position and what types of support you need from a mattress. A good mattress can help reduce chronic back pain, hip problems and other health issues — but a bad one can cause you to wake up aching every morning.

A mattress is a major purchase and, like any other big-ticket item, it’s worth taking the time to choose carefully. You spend a third of your life in bed, so it’s a key piece of your home. If you have children, they’ll use a bed for years, too, so make sure it will grow with them.

The earliest beds were little more than a heap of straw or animal skins. The wealthy built wood platform beds that were adorned with curtains and covered in soft, luxurious bedding. The upper classes often received guests in their beds — either before or after childbirth, during periods of mourning or after marriage. It was considered a mark of respect to receive visitors in this intimate manner rather than in the main hall.

Binge eating disorder (BED) is a complex condition that affects the entire person, including body, mind, emotions and behaviour. It can have a variety of physical and mental effects on the sufferer, such as difficulty breathing, low energy levels, weight gain and depression. In addition to the physical symptoms, people with BED may also experience feelings of emptiness, shame and guilt.

If you have BED, it’s important to seek treatment and support from a trained professional, as it can impact all aspects of your life. There are a number of ways to get diagnosed and treated for BED, including cognitive behavioural therapy and medication. The good news is that with the right treatment and support, BED can be cured.

The bed is the foundation of your bedroom, and it needs to be comfortable, durable and stylish. From the frame to the mattress, there are a lot of different components that go into making the perfect bed.

The most common type of mattress is a coil or innerspring unit, which offers the best mix of support and comfort. It’s important to keep in mind that not all innerspring mattresses are created equal, and you should choose one with a high-quality construction.

Another option for a mattress is foam, which is lighter and more flexible than innersprings but still provides plenty of support. The best foam mattresses are engineered with temperature regulation in mind, and you should look for ones that are infused with cooling materials to prevent heat retention.

A hybrid mattress combines innersprings and foam to offer a range of comfort options for all sleep positions. A top layer of organic cotton and wool helps regulate temperature, while a responsive layer of OEKO-TEKO certified sustainable latex provides bounce. A zoned section of firmer foam promotes spine alignment, and reinforced edge support is a nice touch.