The True Meaning of Love


It’s often difficult to tell when a relationship is just lust or love. Both are associated with intense physical attraction, a rush of feel-good chemicals and an overwhelming desire to be with someone. While these are both good feelings, love is the more lasting form of a relationship. Unlike lust, love grows over time and is a mutually rewarding experience. To understand the true meaning of love, a person must experience it.

Historically, love has been portrayed in a positive light. Love is associated with youth. Most of us experience our first love at an early age. Although the blooming stages of a relationship are romantic, there are challenges that come with it. Love is much stronger than friendship. You must be willing to work through difficulties to make it work. There are many signs of love, and recognizing when it’s time to give up can make the experience more rewarding.

Love is a powerful emotion, but it’s also subjective and different for everyone. While it may be fleeting, it can be deeply rewarding for both parties. For example, the desire for sexual intercourse may be triggered by the desire to satisfy one’s basic appetite. Moreover, love can be formed through extended contact. It may even involve objects. A fourth conception of love is a decided disposition to behave in a beneficial way. In the case of marriage, this commitment is formalized in the ceremony.

The Greeks considered agape love to be a form of god-like love. It is unconditional, and never ends based on a person’s actions. It exists in everything, including people and animals. Parents often show unconditional love to their children, and their children are no different. Love for children is a form of agape love. It is also the most lasting form of love. Love can survive any obstacle in the way it is perceived.

Although the study of love is only a relatively recent phenomenon, there is growing evidence that it has an enormously positive effect on our health. In fact, research has shown that loving someone with unconditionally increases your happiness. And even in adulthood, the benefits of a loving relationship can last a lifetime. Love, like any other emotion, is important for our well-being. The more we give, the stronger our bonds are. We need love, not just to be loved but also to feel safe.

Unlike lust or desire, love involves a conscious choice. Impulses control liking and disliking, but the choice to love is a conscious act. When a person chooses to love another, their intellect rises above these irrational emotions. Consequently, the love that develops between two people is unique and meaningful. If we want to find someone compatible, we can use the service of an online dating site such as eharmony.

While the Bible speaks of agape (the concern for another person), love is rooted in the Triune Godhead. The eternal relationship of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is based on love. As an image-bearer of God, loving others is uniquely human. Even though we may love a dog, we may not care about its health or wellbeing. Moreover, we may be fond of the dog, but this is not the same as loving God.