The Three Types of Love


During the early 1980s, psychologist Robert Sternberg developed a triangular theory of love, suggesting that intimacy, passion and commitment are the three core components of love. These core components, he says, are enacted and reflected in people’s behaviors and reactions in their relationships. He has also developed a color wheel theory of love that defines nine secondary and three tertiary love styles.

The term is usually used to describe intense feelings of affection for another person. In the ancient Greeks, love was studied, and poets attempted to capture its full meaning. Today, it is used in a variety of ways. It can mean a strong affection for someone, a liking for something, or a sexual attraction. It can also be used to describe the feeling of love for a pet.

Whether you are in a relationship or not, love is an important part of your life. It can be difficult to determine whether you are in love, and you may have mixed feelings about love. Some people think that love is a strong feeling that lasts forever. Others think that it is a short-lived feeling that fades away after a short period of time. If you are in love, you may also feel jealousy and stress. Love can be a source of negative emotions, but it is never a cause of a disease.

It is common to divide love into two categories: romantic and platonic love. The first type involves intense feelings of affection, affectionate touch, and a sense of closeness. The second type of love involves intense feelings of longing and idealization of a person. These feelings are accompanied by physical arousal. A passionate lover often feels a strong need to maintain constant physical closeness to the person they are loving.

The third type of love involves a feeling of duty and selflessness. A person who is in this type of love is often committed to a romantic relationship and often tries to make it work. It also includes selfless acts such as giving up things that a person needs or wants, such as food. Often, it involves a spouse or mother.

In addition to these three types of love, there are other types of love. Aside from these three, there are also selfless love and storge love. These love styles prioritize similar interests or hobbies. Storge lovers are less dependent on others, and they have less emphasis on physical attractiveness. Selfless love can involve a spouse or mother, or it can include giving anything to a child that is needed.

Although there are many different kinds of love, they all involve the same emotional qualities. In fact, each type has positive effects. They are all catalyzed by the soul and the mind, and they all involve some degree of commitment to the other person.

In addition to these three types of loving, there are other forms of loving that are characterized by a deeper spiritual meaning. A loving relationship can be between friends, family, and even between deities.