How to Choose the Right Bed Frame

A bed is a very important piece of furniture that is often used as part of a room to relax and sleep. Although beds have been around for centuries, they are relatively new to North America. Bedrooms were usually located in homes with attached bathrooms, while bedrooms became more of a separate room that was separated by a wall. When a home had both a bathroom and a bedroom, the bed would often be located in a room with a bathroom. This would make it necessary for the bed to have a separate room and often meant that the bed could not be placed against a wall in the bathroom.


In modern times, most people have one bedroom that they use as their main bedroom. Often times in these cases, it does not have a second floor or a third floor and the bed usually rests against a wall. Beds are typically made from either wood metal, or a combination of the two. Those that are made of wood typically have a box spring that supports the mattress and has a mattress protector surrounding it. The box spring is usually made from metal or hardwood, while the mattress is typically made from memory foam or a similar material.

There are two types of beds: the platform bed without headboard. The platform bed is the most traditional type of bed and usually consists of a frame, four legs that are typically metal, and a mattress on top. The headboard on these types of beds is typically not present and is not used at all. The headboard is only used on high-end, expensive beds that are available in select stores.

The modern style of bed consists of frame, box spring, and a mattress. These beds are much sturdier than the traditional platform bed and generally cost more money as well. The frame can be made from wood, metal, or a combination of the two. The headboards on modern platform bed frames are usually metal and do not include any kind of wood cover. The drawers can be built into the frame for storage purposes.

Some popular styles of bed are the sleigh bed frame, which usually has a headboard that is attached to the side of the bed; the canopy bed, which features a hooded, wooden canopy that can be raised or lowered depending upon the height of the bed; and the trundle bed, which consists of a headboard attached to the bottom of the bed, or sometimes to a stand-alone piece of furniture. Some sleigh bed frames feature horizontal bars along the frame which can be pushed aside for access to the storage drawers beneath the headboard. Some canopy beds, like the Trundle Bed Frame, feature a hinged door at the headboard, allowing it to be opened and closed just like a closet. The trundle bed does not have a footboard. It is designed with one long piece that hangs down from the bottom of the bed frame, with a hinged top piece that can be folded down and opened. This type of bed can accommodate both adult and child sized people.

There are other types of bed that are not freestanding, and do not have any drawers at all. These include the bunk bed, or futon, which is built in and features a box spring on its lower frame. The mattress, or “firm” bed consists of a box spring on the bottom of the bed, and a mattress on top of the box spring. A “crib” bed has no bottom frame and can be used for children or adults. A “furniture” bed is like a bed that has drawers built into its side panels for storage.