Three Styles of Relationship Love

Love is the greatest single human motivator. Yet one of the least understood aspects of love is its impact on children. Love encompasses a wide range of positive and strong emotions, from the highest personal virtue or vice, to the easiest personal joy, to the most profound interpersonal bond. It is the power to love that is most appealing to children. The more I study love and relationships with children, the more I am convinced that learning about love is crucial for our schools and our nation.


Love is an emotion that is rooted in both neurology and neurophysiology. Neuroscientists believe that love encompasses both visual and auditory experiences as well as the limbic system. Love produces two very different kinds of responses: joy for bonding with others and displeasure for rejection or hurt. It seems that there are two different kinds of love.

One kind of love is affection. This is the most powerful form of love, and it involves physical touching or affectionate touches of another person, whether it is verbal or nonverbal. Affection is a powerful motivator of love, as it allows us to connect with someone deeply without physical contact. Touching another person transports us to a place of love, and we feel moved to share and give support. In fact, tender loving care is one of the strongest motivators of intimacy in relationships.

However, affection can be conditional. It can only be expressed if love is reciprocated in kind. To love someone unconditionally means to show that you are that other person’s best friend. Without this, our actions in choosing to be with another person are not motivated by love. Thus, a person with whom we are romantically involved may treat us badly or behave abusively. We need to demonstrate affection in these cases by being unkind or by showing the proper behavior for which we are thanked in return.

Another form of love is attraction. In attraction, there is something specific that attracts one person to another. In this case, the attraction is not so much an emotion as it is a mental construct. Attraction is a way of organizing the mind in order to create a particular result. So, unlike affection, attraction is actually directed at a particular person rather than at people as a whole.

All three styles of love are important for healthy and mutually satisfying relationships. However, they are also very different from one another. While attraction relies on mental associations, love is more emotional and relies on real connections and sharing. Lastly, attraction only works in a relationship where the relationship’s goal is compatibility. Love, on the other hand, can work in any relationship since it is based on similarities.

The Importance of Getting Enough Sleep


The Importance of Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is a natural, recurring state of body and brain, characterized by decreased sleep quality, reduced awareness, decreased emotional response, decreased muscle activity and motor skill development during slow eye movement sleep (REM), and increased interactions with the environment during light sleep (von REM). Most people do not require sleep to survive; most live healthy and fulfilling lives through out the night. There are many different types of sleep disorders, including transient insomnia, intermittent insomnia, sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, and nonrestorative sleep.

The lack of sleep can have serious consequences on the brain and body. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, “There is an increasing amount of evidence that suggests that inadequate sleep can be detrimental to your mental and physical health.” Lack of sleep has been linked to higher stress levels, poor judgment and impulse control, poorer memory function, difficulty concentrating, increased blood pressure and heart rate, depression, and fatigue. Many of these same conditions can arise from other medical conditions as well, so if you’re suffering from one or more of these symptoms, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about sleep medications and alternative sleep remedies such as acupressure, biofeedback, and massage therapy.

In general, the human sleep cycle lasts for about four stages: light, sleep, stages two and three, deep sleep, and non-stage sleep. Each stage occurs for a specific length of time during which the brain processes stimuli in much the same way it does during the light cycle. As the brain enters into the sleep stages, it reorganizes its connections and begins the process of falling asleep.

The four stages of sleep cycle are generally categorized into four groups: light, restful, deep, and non-restful. During each of these four stages, the body goes into a specialized state called sleep. When we are in deep sleep, our brains and nerves are in a highly efficient state, while in the light and restful stages respectively. When we wake up, we generally move back to the light cycle but some people may spend several hours in the deep stages before falling back into the non-restful state.

Sleep is important because it helps us do things that are necessary for health and growth. When we are sleeping, the brain receives information from the sensory nerves about the events of the day and begins to prepare itself for the next day. During sleep cycles, the pineal gland releases melatonin, a hormone that regulates our sleeping and wake cycles. This is why we tend to feel tired after going to bed or feeling sluggish during the morning. In order to determine whether our bodies are in a sleep cycle or not, we need to go to a doctor for a sleep test.

Although the exact reasons for getting less sleep on a regular basis are unknown, many experts believe that chronic sleep deprivation is the main cause behind a number of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, obesity, depression, and hypertension. It is important to stay active and exercise regularly if you want to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid getting less sleep than you should. Even though you might think that going to work feeling tired and listless is normal, it could be a sign that you are suffering from sleep loss or other sleep disorders.

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How to Save Money Buying a Rustic Bed Frame


How to Save Money Buying a Rustic Bed Frame

A bed is essentially a single piece of furnishing that is utilized as an area to rest and relax. It provides support to the body by providing a firm base upon which the person can sit and offers protection from the elements. Beds are available in different shapes and sizes and are designed to meet the needs of different people. There are also various types of beds that one can choose from, depending upon ones’ personal requirements and preferences.

A bed is typically made up of four main parts: the headboard, the footboard, the mattress and the frame. The headboard is the topmost part of the furniture piece and serves to provide support to the head. Footboard and the mattress provide cushioning and comfort to the user while the frame is the supporting structure for all other parts. When you consider all these four parts and analyze it with the other aspects of a furniture piece such as size, shape, design, color, cost, and even convenience, it becomes very easy to understand why bed serves as one of the most important pieces of furniture in a house.

For children, the two types of beds are commonly available. One is a twin size futon bed, and the other one is a full size futon bed. A twin size bed typically accommodates between two to four people, to a full sized bed typically accommodate between six to eight people. Futon beds typically consist of a futon box, a mattress, drawers, and underbed storage space.

King and double queen bed sizes are the next two major sizes after the twin xl. King size beds typically accommodate around nine individuals, while the double size bed sizes accommodates around fifteen individuals. Another popular option is the California King Bed, which is the largest among all the bed sizes. A king bed can often double up as an additional guest bed or can be used for sleeping on occasions when you have spare guests.

The style of the bed is also an important consideration. Most rustic bed frames are traditionally made of wood. Other styles include metal or wrought iron, although metal and wrought iron bed frames are gaining popularity due to the fact that they are not as highly priced as traditional wood framed rustic bed frames. Rustic bed frames are typically made from a single piece of wood, with the frame being built around the mattress so the mattress does not have to be attached to the frame.

A common way to save money when purchasing a rustic bed frame is to purchase an adjustable bed frame, which can usually be purchased as two separate pieces. The frame can be assembled at home, or if purchasing a kit, it can be put together by a professional. With an adjustable bed frame, the mattress can either be lower or higher than the frame, which allows for different sizes of frames. An example of this would be if the frame had a full-sized bed, then the mattress could be lowered to around thirty to forty-five degrees, while the frame remained at its original height. This can save the purchaser a great deal of money.

Is Your Love Relationship Based On Friendship Or Amour?

Love, it has been said, is the best of motivators. It is an undeniable fact that when we are in love we tend to be more motivated than when we are in any other situation. Love encompasses a broad range of positive and strong emotional and physical states, from your most sublime moral goodness, the strongest interpersonal bond, to the easiest pure joy. In all circumstances, love generates a feeling of oneness; it transcends the divisions between heart, mind, soul, and body.


However, love may also take the form of a very different emotion. Often, love may be driven by a desire for something else, or a sense of curiosity. When you are in love with someone, your heart desires him or her for a variety of reasons. One reason may be because the person you love is attractive and/or desirable. This can occur even if the relationship is platonic at first.

When you are in romantic love, your emotions are constantly shifting and fluctuating. You experience intense emotions for one person while feeling as though another person is invading your personal space and is making you feel guilty and rejected. While being in this state of high emotions and confusion, it may be difficult for you to make solid, long-term relationships.

Unrequited love occurs when you are feeling passionate for one person and interested in another but not emotionally connected to them. If you are in this type of condition, it is likely that you feel that the person you are spending time with is having a negative affect on your life and on your happiness. It would seem to foreshadow sadness, frustration, and pain. The good news is that you are not alone. Unrequited love occurs in many romantic relationships. If you’re experiencing this form of unrequited love, there are several things you can do to change this pattern of behavior.

First, if you are falling out of love with your significant other because they do not share your interests or are overly sensitive, you will need to create some space. Falling in love doesn’t often involves staying in love or sharing your deepest emotions with someone. As you are growing as an individual, you will find yourselves relating to others on a much deeper level. Your innermost desires, dreams, and goals will come to the forefront of your mind and you will want to experience all of them.

If you feel that you have fallen into a pattern of giving and receiving conditional love, it is important to choose to receive and connect unconditionally now. This means that you must be willing to experience great depths of compassion and understanding for your partner. You will find yourself becoming much more generous and compassionate as well. This will also help to release the negative energy associated with romantic love.

Babies and Sudden Muscle Cramps

Sleep is a natural, recurring condition of the body and brain, characterized by decreased awareness, a suppressed sensory function, decreased motor activity, decreased concentration and disinterest, decreased emotional response, and decreased interactions with surrounding stimuli during rapid eye movement sleep (REMS). Sleep occurs during the period when the body is in a sleep phase between being awake and being asleep. During this sleep phase, the brain is in the most inactive state. Some research has found that the ability to learn decreases during sleep and some researchers believe that the human mind actually releases two chemicals during sleep: cortisol, which decreases as we sleep and human growth hormone (HGH), which increases as we sleep. Sleep also appears to relieve stress and anxiety. In the absence of proper sleep, the levels of cortisol and growth hormone remain high.


We have different sleep cycles depending on our stages of life. In babies, sleep cycles are much shorter than those in adults. Adults typically sleep for eight hours or longer and their sleep cycles are longer. Babies spend about ninety percent of their time asleep and reach their fourth stage of sleep only once per day. Adults sleep from seven to nine hours and awaken four to six times per night.

In the four stages of sleep described above, the baby spends about ninety percent of his time in deep sleep. During this time he is inactive and does not move, so his eyes move slowly and are dilated. As he reaches four days of age, he can begin to hear the sound and move his limbs, but he cannot talk and cannot open his eyes. At this time, he is ready to be lifted out of deep sleep and brought into the lighter stages of sleep.

When children reach their eight-week of age, they are starting to become more active. At this time, they are beginning to move their arms and legs, and they start to develop a sleep-wake cycle. At this time, their brains have enough energy to start learning what they need to do when they get home from school, but they do not yet have a sleep-wake cycle established. At this point, children are more tired than when they came home from school. Their brains are still active, but they are tired.

Children go through four different sleep stages during the course of a night. Each stage is designed to help them develop and mature emotionally and physically. They are: Stage I – little sleep, very sleepy; Stage II – light sleep, stage for learning; Stage III – moderate sleep, stage for thinking; Stage IV – deep sleep, stage for memory. Children generally enter Stage I when they enter the third trimester and remain in Stage I for the entire nine months of pregnancy.

Babies in Stage II experience four major changes in pattern. They experience much more sleep than they did in their Stage I sleep cycle. They may feel sleepy for longer periods, including all the time during sleep. They may seem inactive, or they may feel sluggish. They may even find themselves waking up suddenly, sometimes without being aware that they have done so.

Choosing For the Perfect Bed Frame

A bed is actually a very important piece of furniture that is used to rest and relax yourself in a room. It doesn’t matter whether you’re putting a bed in your home, apartment or condo as long as you have it there for good and that’s it. When choosing a bed, there are many factors that you need to consider like its size, design, the price, the mattress type and if you’re going to use it during the night as well. The last thing to consider is your budget as this will definitely affect all the other details.


There are many types of bed frames. The most popular one today is the wooden bed frames, which come in different designs, styles and colors. The bed frame should match with the overall interior decor as well as with your mattress. You can find many designs online but try to get the best one that suits with your needs and preferences.

Another problem that bed bugs bring into your home is the bed bug infestation. This is very disturbing as it can cause lots of damage to your health and in most cases, especially to the mattresses and box springs. Bed bugs are insects that live off on sucking human blood. They are very social and easily spread among the people using the same bed and some of them can even go traveling around. Hence, if you notice that there are already bed bugs in your room then you have to treat that place immediately before it gets worse.

The bed frame that you choose must be strong enough so that it can withstand the weight of a person who is using it. It should be made of strong materials like steel and plastic. One of the best ones is the built-in frame that is commonly integrated in the mattresses. The mattress that has built-in frame is the safest as well as the most comfortable mattress you can find in the market. There are also those modern beds that are shaped like a box and this one is definitely a hit with couples who are having their own kids.

Bed frames made from plastic are very durable and easy to clean. You can also say that they are very lightweight and portable. As for the wooden frames, these are more expensive than the frames made from metal but you will be assured that this is the best investment that you can make for your bed. Wood is the preferred material for the wooden bed as wood exudes sophistication and elegance.

When choosing for the bed frames to put in your bedroom, you must take into consideration the size of your room and the mattress that you are going to purchase. If you are having an ordinary size bed, then you can just get the regular mattress. But if you are having a big bed like a queen or king sized one, then you must get the metal or the other strong material for the frame. You can choose to get the mattresses either with box springs or without them. If you will go for the former, then you can save a lot of money because the mattress itself can serve as the support of the bed.

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Five Love Languages and The Secret To True Happiness


Five Love Languages and The Secret To True Happiness

Love is a powerful force that has driven humanity since its earliest days. One of the most fundamental human emotions, love is the key to human bonding and can be defined as a special or extraordinary state of excitement about another person or thing – like a friend, a beloved pet, or even a beautiful partner. Love encompasses an array of positive and constructive emotional and psychological states, from an overriding sense of good faith, the most sublime religious belief, to the loosest romantic enjoyment. While love is a powerful emotion, it’s important to note that love can be unhealthy and destructive if it is not nurtured properly or if it is used excessively.

The powerful emotional charge of love has been called “the allure of love,” and “chemistry of love.” The exchange of physical intimacy – a hug, kiss, snuggle, and intimate moments with a partner – is the most direct path to feelings of love. However, there is an additional route to experiencing love: the exchange or giving of non-physical affection or affections. A deep personal connection to another person or a group of people creates an environment that allows for feelings of personal connectedness and connection – the “love language feel loved.”

The “love language” is basically a set of uniquely individualized neurological processes that allow people to experience love in unique ways. It is largely unknown which of these brain regions actually generate the specific responses to love. However, a few of the more common areas associated with feelings of love are the medial part of the brain (medial cortex) and the insula, both of which directly access parts of the brain associated with emotions. The human brain is remarkably complex, and each person has unique connections to others and other people. People with similar personalities, interests, beliefs, and experiences often share neurological pathways in similar but distinct ways.

When love is truly present and nurtured in the right way, it can lead to exhilarating highs in physiological arousal, including an intense physiological response to sexual stimuli. This physiological response is typically associated with euphoria, although other symptoms such as irritability, moodiness, anxiety and restlessness may also be felt. These “spontaneous emotional reactions” are the opposite of those often associated with feelings of love, such as feeling emotionally connected and genuinely invested in the other person. When this “spontaneous emotional response” (or EROA) is successfully triggered in the absence of any emotional input from the other person, it can lead to the exciting experience of being intensely close to another person, such as falling deeply in love.

Intuitively, one would think that being in love would lead to increased levels of happiness. While many of us have been taught that being in love is the ultimate goal in romantic relationships, very few of us have been shown how to experience true, deep, heartfelt feelings for another person. Most people unknowingly pursue happiness at the expense of other goals, such as family, career, material possessions, friends, and other important aspects of their lives. When you place the feelings of love and romance above these other necessities in life, you’re likely to feel unhappy – if not chronically unhappy. To feel happy in other areas of your life, you must learn to balance happiness with all of the other aspects of your life. This requires you to make time for relationships outside of the romantic one.

There are five love languages: physical expression of affection (physical kiss, cuddling, holding hands, hugging), verbal expression of affection (speaking lovingly, telling stories), nurturing of affection (benevolence toward a pet, sharing a hug), and affectionate memory of affections (keeping a personal journal of your feelings for your partner). While it is possible to bring all of these languages together and to experience the happiness and fulfillment that come from them simultaneously (in fact, many couples do just this), it’s not easy. Love languages are quite different from one another, even when they’re brought together. In order to bring all five of these languages together for total happiness, you must practice a certain amount of flexibility with your feelings.

Understanding Your Sleep Cycles


Understanding Your Sleep Cycles

Sleep is a natural recurring state of body and mind, often characterized by decreased awareness, lessened physical activity, lessened brain activity, decreased sensory ability during sleep, decreased motor activity during REM sleep, decreased interaction with the external environment, and impaired linguistic ability. Sleep disorders can impair cognitive functioning, decrease memory, cause headaches, cause daytime sleepiness, increase tension, create sleep disturbances, increase irritability, cause increased heart rate, cause sleepwalking, and create problems in the relationship between sex, emotions, moods, and sexual drive. As sleep deprivation occurs, it is possible that sleep disorders may be caused by environmental issues such as poor lighting, sleep disturbances caused by alarm clocks, skipping meals, excessive caffeine, stress, inadequate sleep hygiene (e.g. having inadequate bedding), alcohol, medications, or other sleep related disorders such as restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, snoring, or sleep talking.

During normal sleep cycles, light sleep is required for the restoration of consciousness and the control of physiological processes such as breathing, heart rate, metabolism, and immunity functions. On the other hand, REM sleep is characterized by rapid eye movements (REM sleep) and sleepiness during the daytime. REM sleep accounts for about 60% of the total sleep periods. REM sleep tends to fade naturally after about one week, and the ability to REM sleep increases slightly each week up to the week following.

Healthy sleep cycles occur about three to four times a week. Each sleep cycle lasts approximately ten to fourteen hours. The first sleep cycle occurs when the body goes through the waking day’s sleep cycle. The body enters REM sleep, where it processes and stores information about the previous night’s activities. The body enters REM sleep once the brain signals that the breathing muscles have settled down.

Some people experience minor disruptions in their sleep patterns. For instance, some people have trouble falling asleep after eating or drinking caffeine or alcohol during the night. Some people may also experience mild dreams during the night or feel as if they are awake during the night but not really feeling sleepy. These types of disturbances are normal occurrences during a healthy sleep cycle.

Other symptoms may indicate that you are suffering from sleep disorders. Sleep disorders can affect all sleep cycles; however, certain sleep cycles may be affected more severely than others. Chronic insomnia, difficulty staying awake for the full eight hours, alternating sleep cycles, sleeping too much or too little, waking up too early or too late, sleep deprivation, nightmares, sleep paralysis, jet lag, restless sleep apnea are only some of the disorders that may be associated with sleep disorders. In addition, different disorders affect different individuals; therefore, it is essential to seek professional medical advice to rule out any serious health problems.

Some of the disorders that disrupt sleep are: a common primary problem called insomnia, the secondary problem of narcolepsy and the third most common problem, obstructive sleep apnea. There are several treatment options available for these three common disorders; however, in order to treat the primary condition of insomnia, you will need to eliminate the primary cause, which is lack of sleep. However, for obstructive sleep apnea, treatment is more difficult because this disorder is not caused by a lack of sleep. Your treatment options should include changing your lifestyle or sleep habits and taking prescription sleep aids.